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Sing with Nelson Civic Choir in 2022

Yes, you have seen these posters all around Nelson and the surrounding area and it’s true! Civic is emerging from its Covid chrysalis as a beautiful singing butterfly, our wings fluttering against this lovely sky in a celebration of Choral PASSION. In a new line-up, we welcome Jason Balla as our music director and conductor, Louis Lucas-Perry as our new accompanist, Rosemary Galton as a solo soprano, arrived back again in Nelson after many years and Graham O’Brien, the new Dean of the Cathedral and a well-known baritone soloist with us.
And new choristers have been giving us a try and joining us in this music-loving and friendly atmosphere. Our training with Jason is really maturing and our rehearsals are just so much fun as we begin to understand how to make glorious music together.
So come and listen to our concert. If you like this kind of music, you are welcome to come along for 1 or 2 rehearsals. Just contact me – Elizabeth, Chair of Civic at [email protected] or Kay, Secretary at [email protected] so that we can know who is coming to sing with us.
Hope to see you soon! Ka kite!
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