In 2015, after our moving performance of Sir Karl Jenkins' 'The Armed Man', a copy of the recording was sent to New York where planning was underway for Sir Karl to compose a new work for the 50th anniversary of the Welsh Aberfan mine disaster where over 100 schoolchildren and their teachers were buried alive when a mound of coal-mine waste slid onto their school.

Sir Karl liked our performance and invited us to send some singers to the American premiere of the new work, now called 'Cantata Memoria'. The USA premiere is organised by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY).

In the event, nearly 30 singers from the choir are going and they have been tirelessly rehearsing the new work since the completion of our Spanish concert in November. The results of our assiduous fundraising can be seen below.

On our way - A pictorial blog (see Blog page for the New York text blog)

January 2017

New York Visit - 'Cantata Memoria'


Completed Fundraising Initiatives: 

Boosted and Donations                $13,370.50

Trademe                                         $1,788.58

Film screening                               $1,105.00

Sausage sizzles                              $947.30

Knit Nat                                          $463.00

Bulb Fundraising                           $156.00

Raffle                                              $498.00

Come Dine with me                      $830.00

Art Auction                                    $5,187.60

Cake Stall                                       $317.50

Garage Sales and Markets           $2,287.80

Quiz Night                                     $2,418.20

African Drumming                        $280

Extras                                             $215

Total Fundraising                          $27, 144.48

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Choir Committee
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Phone:  021 061 2568

Noel Stephens (Acting Chairperson)

Lindsay Vaughan (Treasurer)

Karen Gibson (Acting Secretary)

Patti Martin (Committee member)

Akasha Doel (Youth Representative)