Newsletter - 23 February 2020

Dear Choir Members


It was a very good rehearsal on Tuesday – great to see  our regular members and to meet new members!


Our next rehearsal is on Tuesday February 25th from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm in the Recital Theatre at NCMA.


  • Please arrive early enough to sign the registers.  New members please write your name and contact details under the appropriate section.

  • We will start promptly at 7.00 pm with a warm-up.

  • The front door will be closed after 7.00 pm so please text me on 021475026 if you are unavoidably delayed.

  • If you are unable to attend rehearsal for some reason please let me know!

  • If you were not at last week’s rehearsal, you can sign for a copy of The Creation from John Glasgow.

Rehearsal focus

 Nigel has asked us to use multi-media resources to practise The Creation. Below (and attached)  are the resources Patti kindly found for us:

Part I


1.Representation of Chaos


2. In the beginning


3. Now vanish before the holy beams.     Chorus entry at 2.00


4. And God made the firmament


5. The marvellous work.                Chorus entry at 00.35


6. And God said, Let the waters


7. Rolling in foaming billows


8. And God said, Let the earth


9. With verdure clad


10. And the heavenly host


11. Awake the harp


12. And God said, Let there be lights


13. In splendour bright


14. The heavens are telling


Part II


15. And God said, Let the waters


16. On mighty pens


17. And God created great whales


18. And the angels


19. Most beautiful appear


20. The Lord is great. Choir entry at 4.30


21. And God said, let the earth bring forth

22. Straight opening


23. Now in fullest glory shone

24. And God created man


25. In native worth


26. And God saw everything that he had made


27. Achieved is the glorious work

27A. On Thee each living soul awaits

27B. Achieved is the glorious work. Choir second entry at 5.06



Part III


28. In rosy mantle appears


29. By Thee with bliss.

Choir entries at 1.19     3.29            4.45           6.00        6.57


30. Our duty we have now performed


31. Graceful consort


32. O happy pair!


33. Sing the Lord ye voices all



Learning aids


See you next Tuesday!


Sally Hallmark


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